GoPro Hero5 now waterproof without the need for extra casing, capable of 4K video capture

#GoProHero5 #Camera – GoPro Hero5 now waterproof without the need for extra casing, capable of 4K video capture : GoPro has revealed their new products including the new GoPro Hero5 Black, Hero5 Session and even the Karma drone which excited their fans even more.

Action cameras have increased in popularity in the past few years as content creation and sharing on the Internet have been made easier thanks to technology. GoPro Hero5 is one of the most anticipated action cams across the globe and the company certainly delivers well.

The popularity has made it possible for other companies to dip into the action camera fever including locally made devices. However, GoPro is still the most popular brand when it comes to the market.

GoPro Hero5 Specs and Features

One of the pros of the GoPro Hero5 specs is its capability to 4K video capability, Engadget has learned. It also has a new 2.7K video mode that was also not present in its predecessor.

Another great spec of the new action camera from GoPro is that it has a waterproof design out of the box without the need to buy a waterproof housing which can lead to more spending. The GoPro Hero5 is larger than the Hero4 black but it is only because of the added protection.

GoPro Hero5 users can also benefit from the automatic tracking location GPS feature of the device, Gamenguide reported. It can work alongside the waterproof feature provided that there is still a signal as the device can withstand being submerged underwater down to 33 feet.

While that may seem a shallow depth for bodies of water, it is often enough for thrill seekers looking to record their stunts. For instance, surfers would not have to worry about their GoPro Hero5 cam being damaged by the water even if they fail to handle a wave or two.

One caveat is that the new physical design of the GoPro Hero 5 is not compatible with most accessories of the previous action cameras. Even the connector is replaced with a USB-C which is relatively new.

GoPro Hero 5 Price

The GoPro Hero 5 Black will cost $399 while the GoPro Hero5 Session will be cheaper at $299. Interested users can buy the new cameras in shops or through online stores. source:yibada

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