3 Things You Need to Know About Microsoft Surface Pro 5

#Microsoft #SurfacePro5  – 3 Things You Need to Know About Microsoft Surface Pro 5 : After Microsoft delivered an impressive feat on Surface Pro 4 last year, it is high time for the company to unveil the latest successor that will rule the laptop game. Equipped with a robust processor, a perfectly sized display and notable features, speculations about Surface Pro 5 have created a rumpus among the social media savvy.

What are Surface Pro 5’s features and when is its release? Will Redstone replace the long running operating system Windows? Here is a round-up of rumors so far.

Surface Pro 5 Specifications

Just like the Surface Pro 4, Microsoft Surface Pro 5 specs are expected to carry the same features like its predecessor, such as having a support for touchscreen stylus with elegant magnetic attachment. The new device may also sport an upgraded Surface Pen with rechargeable battery.

Under the hood, Surface Pro 5 will likely run on an Intel Kaby Lake processor, although several rumors say that the 2-in-1 PC tablet will run the Redstone OS instead of Windows 10.

Furthermore, Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is believed to have the USB-C replacing the connectors such as USB 3.0 port, microSD card slot, Mini display port for video and an audio jack. An enhanced keyboard accessory is also expected to land in the new PC tablet, University Herald reported.

Microsoft Windows No More

Reports about Microsoft’s Redstone OS and Surface Pro 5 launching in 2017 led to rumors suggesting that the Windows maker will discontinue the Windows OS branding and replace it with the newest Redstone OS, PC World reported.

Surface Pro 5 Release Date

This coming Oct. 26, Microsoft will be having an Event in New York City to discuss about its recent Windows updates. Although both the Surface phone and Surface Pro 5 might not come out yet, Rumors say that they are slated to be released in the spring of 2017, CNET reported. Source: Itechpost

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