Apple Starts Investigating Exploding iPhones Too After Samsung’s Note 7 Disaster

#Apple #iPhone – Apple Starts Investigating Exploding iPhones Too After Samsung’s Note 7 Disaster : Samsung has officially pulled the Note 7 for the second time and stopped the recall program as it’s looking into reports about exploding safe units, and now Apple seems to be paying a little bit more attention to claims that older iPhone models are catching fire too.

Reports coming from sources familiar with the matter reveal that Apple is now investigating two cases of iPhones that burst into flames last week, one of which was owned by a student and caught fire in the middle of a class.

The student owned an iPhone 6 Plus and, most likely, Apple suspects that the phone “exploded” because it was bending in the back pocket, with its owner even admitting that he sat on it.

“I felt this crazy, hot burning in my leg,” Darin Hlavaty, student at Rowan College at Burlington County and iPhone 6 Plus owner, said. “Right as class was starting, my phone started smoking in my pocket. It was a fire.”

Another Plus exploded in the middle of the night

Another iPhone 6 Plus exploded during the night while charging on the stand of Yvette Estrada from Fresno, California. In this case, the phone was quickly thrown in the sink by the owner’s husband and melted before the fire emergency services arrived at their home.

“What if this would have been underneath my pillow or if I was on the phone? My face would be burned. Hopefully they can fix this and they can compensate my new phone or do something for me because they have to do right,” Estrada said.

Details in this case are still scarce, but since it’s another iPhone 6 Plus that bends, it’s believed that physical damage to the device could have caused the explosion in this situation as well.

Apple seems to be paying more attention to these cases now that Samsung can’t seem to find a way to bring the Note 7 fiasco to an end. Without a doubt, the Note 7 changed the world and, hopefully, manufacturers will now be forced to look into alternative tech for their batteries in order to make them safer to use. source:softpedia

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