Hillary’s campaign manager’s leaked UFO emails

#UFO #ClintonHillary’s campaign manager’s leaked UFO emails : More hacked emails from the democratic party  were releases by WikiLeaks in the last few days, in particular, the emails of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta. Podesta is a name that is often attached to the UFO issue, because he has made it no secret that he has a an interest in the topic.

So it should come as no surprise that among the thousands of leaked emails, a few reference UFOs and extraterrestrials. Although some of the emails may indicate that Podesta had some sort of communication with the senders about UFOs, most of the emails are chance references to UFOs or aliens in news headlines or individuals referencing ETs to make a point.

For example, two emails appear to be updating Podesta on recent headlines. One from November, 2015 includes a news article and some headlines, one of those headlines referencing a Navy missile test that was mistaken for UFO.

Another, from December, 2014, references Dennis Kunich as being a politician mostly known for claiming to have seen a UFO, a fact that was used against him during his presidential run in 2008.

Two other emails involved the idea of extraterrestrial life in emails making points. In an email discussing the dangers of nuclear terrorism, it refers to a concept several scientists have referenced regarding the ability of an intelligent civilizations to not blow itself up with their own super-weapons.

The idea is that we are at a stage in which we can either blows ourselves up with nukes, or somehow figure out how to get along and continue to evolve socially and technologically.

The second email, arguing the dangers of German immigration, pokes fun at alien abductees. It states: “Germany’s Immigration Disaster Deniers have as much credibility as alien abductees spirited away in a UFO with Bigfoot at the controls.”

Of course, there are the emails from believers, some being a bit more fringe than others. The oddest one is from a man who wants Podesta and others to warn Hillary that the scientists have it all wrong when it comes to climate change.

He argues that the Earth’s climate issues are due to the return of Planet X, also referred to as Nibiru. He says it comes around every 3600 years or so, and is due to pass near the earth again soon, but we cannot detect it because it’s in the Sun’s glare.

Another email, from 2015, appears to be someone representing former astronaut Edgar Mitchell, emailing Podesta in order to setup a meeting regarding Zero-point energy and government disclosure regarding extraterrestrial visitation.

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