Microsoft Disappoints: No Sign Of The Surface Phone, Surface Book 2, Surface Pro 5 This Year

#Microsoft #SurfacePhoneMicrosoft Disappoints: No Sign Of The Surface Phone, Surface Book 2, Surface Pro 5 This Year : On October 26, Microsoft is holding a Windows 10 event, which the public has accepted will focus on improvements made to the new operating system, codenamed Redstone.

Despite the obvious star, however, many have still held onto the hope that Microsoft will unveil the Surface Book 2, Surface Pro 5 and maybe an all new Surface Phone. Unfortunately, that no longer looks like the case.

According to Thurrott, most of the rumors are pointing in the right direction. However, the timing is just a little of at this point. Admittedly, the publication’s invitation to the event is still vague, but its other sources have confirmed that some highly anticipated products will not be making their debut in the  New York’s event.

This includes the Surface Book 2 and The Surface Pro 5. Microsoft has reportedly opted for a Spring 2017 release, which would make this month too early to unveil either of the products. As such, fans who have been eagerly waiting for the revamped models of the popular 2-in-1 products have a few more months to wait out.

Another item that has been in the eyes of tech enthusiasts is the Surface Phone. However, it was reported that Microsoft is even unsure whether or not it wants to release a smartphone within the Surface line. Whatever the company decides in the future, the Surface Phone will not be making an appearance later on this month.

What the public can definitely expect, as noted by BGR, are new and exciting features and improvements that have been made to Windows 10. The operating system might also be explained in the light of the PC, Xbox One and HoloLens.

In addition, various other products are expected as well, such as Surface accessories and quite possibly a Surface All-In-One Desktop. The release of a Surface AIO will certainly prove to be exciting, not just because of its expected specs, but also because it will be unveiled just a day before Apple’s own Mac event on October 27. Source: itechpost

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