Microsoft Surface AIO challenges Apple’s iMac 2016

#SurfaceAIO #iMac – Microsoft Surface AIO challenges Apple’s iMac 2016 : The Cupertino camp, in their previous event in San Francisco in September, only announced iPhones and a new successor to their wearable’s which ended in disappointment to most developers and designers.

This as Apple fans were eagerly waiting for the announcement of the much awaited iMacs and MacBook Pros, which were never heard of or hinted by during the event. However, we have some news about the devices a month after the Apple event.

Apple now has a new competition for those hardware from Redmond rivals Microsoft. In our earlier reports, we wrote about how we will be seeing a Kay-Bee lake chips alongside Nvidia graphics in the upcoming iMac 2016 edition. Yesterday, pro-Apple website iTechPost wrote about these products.

BestBuy, an electronics e-retailer had already listed an iMac 2016 list carrying a price tag of around US$3200. There might be a new display probably an all 5K displays in all the variants which in-reality isn’t even necessary unless you’re a YouTuber craving for that extra-crispness in video rendering.

Coming to Redmond now, Microsoft corporation are apparently planning to rival Apple with releasing their Surface AIO(all-in-one) hardware. MSPoweruser, a Windows dedicated website, reveals an Image asking everyone to join them for the Oct. 26 event. Surface AIO is a transit between the Surface Pro 4 and their gigantic Surface Hub touch screen is what we believe.

The AIO is also reportedly being powered by i7 7th generation Kay-Bee lake processors. If reports are to be believed, the Surface AIO is actually targeted at audience for living room usage.

There will be at-least three variants each in different sizes with display resolutions as per requirements. The website said that while Microsoft are set to introduce AIO, there aren’t really a lot of information about it. Source: hngn

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