Microsoft Surface Phone Reality Check. Could it be a Hoax?

#Microsoft #SurfacePhoneMicrosoft Surface Phone Reality Check. Could it be a Hoax? : Microsoft  is working on a Surface Phone to support its line of Surface Pro tablets and the Surface Book – or is it?. Rumors have it that the Surface Phone is the firm’s last and final attempt to breakthrough into the mobile market.

Apple’s iPhones running iOS and devices running Google’s Android OS control the mobile market while Windows Mobile OS occupies a distant third. Nobody is certain about the Surface Phone and all the available “information” has come from rumors.

The more troubling trend is that the firm is largely indifferent to stories about the Surface Phone. The rumored Surface Phone is a tech fixation but not many people have considered the possibility that the legend of the Surface Phone might be a myth or even worse, a hoax.

Screen Shot | Tech Times

Screen Shot | Tech Times

The rumored Surface Phone might be a myth

Microsoft has neither confirmed nor denied rumors claiming that it is working on a Surface Phone. Of course, people holding on to the dream of the Surface Phone often pin their hopes on a quickly-deleted tweet from showing the image of a smartphone between the Surface Pro and the Surface Book.

The fact that the picture was captioned as the “New One in Surface Family” also stokes the rumors about an upcoming Surface Phone. Surface Phone lovers might get a word about the rumored device during the #MicrosoftEvent billed for Oct 26.

The firm is not likely to unveil the Surface Phone during the event but the firm should at least provide a timeline into when the market can expect the device. However, Mary Jo Foley, who has the strongest handle on events at Microsoft has debunked the myth of the Surface Phone.

In her words, “my sources continue to say no new Microsoft phones of any kind are coming this year, either. If and when anything like a Surface Phone ends up materializing, it will likely be late 2017 or maybe even not until 2018.”

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