Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date Not Happening Anytime Soon

#Microsoft #SurfacePhoneMicrosoft Surface Phone Release Date Not Happening Anytime Soon : Microsoft Surface Phone isn’t getting released anytime soon, or so it seems. The American tech giant has a special event scheduled soon but its upcoming massive smartphone won’t be making an appearance. It’s likely that Microsoft is just going to release some new miscellaneous devices but the Surface Phone won’t be among them.

Having killed off the Lumia series completely, Microsoft and its fans are now looking towards a new device, which is the Surface Phone. This is going to be a premium device, one that fans and business owners have been looking forward to since the beginning of the year.

This smartphone is going to have accessories, amazing tech specs, and maybe it’s going to be the first phone with a 64-bit architecture. In any case, this device isn’t going to be released on the 26th of October according to Microsoft. What’s more is that this isn’t going to arrive anytime this year, but rather somewhere in 2017, perhaps at the beginning of the year.

Surface Phone Release Date

According to Mary Jo Foley, we shouldn’t expect any new smartphones from Microsoft this year, especially not at the 26th of October event. Microsoft is probably going to announce a Surface All-in-One device at that event and probably a new Band gadget.

One thing that everybody is looking forward to is Windows 10 on the Surface Phone and this should be good because we recently had the Anniversary Update to Windows 10, marking a step forward. We’re hoping to see the Microsoft Surface Phone by the end of 2017 and it’s definitely going to happen, and business owners want this to happen more than anyone else.

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