Microsoft Windows 10 Event Slated for Oct. 26 in NYC

#Microsoft #Windows10Microsoft Windows 10 Event Slated for Oct. 26 in NYC : What new hardware does Microsoft have in store? Area media outlets may soon find out when Microsoft kicks off its Windows 10 event on Wednesday, Oct. 26 in New York City.

The company sent out invitations to tech insiders late last week. For everyone else, the company will be livestreaming the proceedings. The event is being held to showcase “what’s next for Windows 10,” according to Microsoft. A spokesperson declined to comment on the particulars of the event and what the company plans to announce.

But if Microsoft makes a tradition out of unveiling new devices, like it did during last year’s event, there’s a good chance that there will be new hardware on display. Last year, Microsoft surprised industry watchers by taking the wraps of its first laptop, the Surface Book two-in-one.

Its unveiling was a big addition to the Surface product portfolio, which also includes the Surface Hub interactive whiteboard and teleconferencing solution for corporate meeting rooms.

In 2014, after an underwhelming and expensive debut, Microsoft reinvigorated its homegrown tablet line with the introduction of the productivity-focused Surface Pro 3 (the company subsequently stopped producing its ARM-powered, money-losing Surface RT tablets).

The move was a prudent one. “Surface is the iconic Microsoft device for people who want to be productive,” Terry Myerson, executive vice president of Microsoft’s Windows and Devices Group, told attendees at last year’s event. “In just three years, Surface has grown from a zero-dollar business for Microsoft to over $3.5 billion a year.”

Also shown a year ago were the Surface Pro 4 tablet, the (short-lived) Band 2 fitness wearable, the HoloLens Development Edition and a smattering of Lumia Windows phones. This year, Microsoft appears to be adding an iMac competitor and new Surface-branded peripherals to the mix.

Microsoft is readying a Surface all-in-one PC, available in as many as three screen sizes (21, 24 and 27 inches), according to an earlier Windows Central report.

Last week, the site came into possession of early promotional images showing a gray and minimalist Surface keyboard. An ergonomic version of the peripheral, as well as a Surface Mouse, are also reportedly in the works.

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