NASA vs. aliens: Is Hillary Clinton planning another secret lunar space war?

#NASA #Alien – NASA vs. aliens: Is Hillary Clinton planning another secret lunar space war? : In an attempt to destroy alien base on moon, NASA launched a missile attack on moon. The attack is evident from a Apollo 11 photo recently released by the American space agency.

While different nations around the world are still finding it hard to cooperate with each other, speculations are high that NASA may be planning a different war altogether. The photo recently released by the space agency dates back to July 20, 1969.

Even before Neil Armstrong had established his foot on the moon, NASA may have launched a massive UFO missile to attack the alien base on the moon, Australian News Network reports. The missile looks almost ready to hit the moon and invade aliens.

It is also rumored that it could be a vehicle or something of that sought launched as a part of government program. On the other hand, some alien enthusiasts believe that it is an alien vehicle deployed on the surface of the moon. But a majority of people argue that it must be a secret alien mission launched by NASA, in collaboration with other agencies.

Meanwhile, there are only a slight chances of it being a conventional missile weapon, which requires oxygen to explode. However, UFO enthusiasts and alien hunters believe that this is most likely to be something launched by humans, and not an alien craft.

A recent report published by The Mirror reports that the US presidential election candidate, Hillary Clinton, and her campaign chairman recently met an astronaut to discuss about alien life and extraterrestrials.

Wikileaks released an email conversation as a proof, suggesting that Clinton and John Podesta met Edgar Mitchell, who was the sixth man to walk on the moon. In addition, he was also a member of the Apollo 14 mission, following which he demanded full disclosure on extraterrestrial life.

Since the email leak, speculations are high whether Clinton is actually planning to launch a similar attack on rumored alien base on moon or wants to expedite space agency’s hunt for alien life. Source: hngn

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