Project Blue: Efforts to find Earth-like planets to begin soon

#ProjectBlue #PlanetsProject Blue: Efforts to find Earth-like planets to begin soon : There were never-ending speculations and assumptions developed by scientists, astrophysicists or astronomers to seek life beyond our solar system.

While most of them failed to comprehend the existence of life from other planets, space scientists have not given up yet. According to The Guardian, astronomers have decided to launch a daring project that is most likely to capture the first image of an Earth-like planet.

The mission will be privately led and the emphasis is on finding the likelihood of life in other planets. The striving effort led by astronomers will be capturing images by pointing the cameras at Earth’s nearest cosmological neighbor in the Alpha Centauri system, which is 4.3 light years away, claims Daily Mail.

The development, titled as Project Blue, aims to capture photographs of Earth-like planets between 0.5 and 1.5 times the size of Earth. If Project Blue is successful, it could serve as a competitor to the iconic “Pale Blue Dot” photograph captured in 1990 when NASA’s Voyager 1 Probe looked the same way at the Earth as it appeared out of the solar system.

Project Blue will be aiming to launch a small telescope, which will be pointed in the direction of the system’s three stars, two of which are similar to the sun stars as Alpha Centauri A and B. If Project Blue is fruitful, it will be the first privately led mission to have gathered a meaningful conclusion by setting eyes upon the alien planets with habitable vicinity.

Astronomers maintain that our closest stellar neighbor may harbor life in a perfect way and can assist in habitation. Based on the perimeters, the surface must be rocky and the temperature must be favorable. These Earth-like conditions can actually be termed as a “habitable zone”.

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