UFO News 2016: Superfast Alien Plane Captured on Camera?

#Alien #UFOUFO News 2016: Superfast Alien Plane Captured on Camera? : News Now program, a New Zealand breakfast TV news program, has allegedly captured an unidentified flying object (UFO). Alien hunters believe that the object was travelling 120 times faster than regular airplanes from New Zealand to Canberra, Australia.

The UFO in question has been called ZED-KG-DG by the airline tracker system. Due to this, UFO enthusiasts and bloggers have claimed that this is the first time an irrefutable proof of aliens has been captured.

Unlike other UFOs spotted, the object was not simply hovering above an area. Instead, it is moving pretty fast. Alien hunters assume that this UFO could outrun even the most advanced military aircraft we currently have.

The renowned UFO blogger and alien enthusiast Scott C Waring also stated on his website that the ZED-KG-DG ID on the FAA website does not exist. Waring pointed out that aircrafts of alien origin travel Earth on a daily basis and get spotted by the FAA but the US government tells them to keep quiet.

As expected, not everyone believes in this fast UFO. On a video uploaded on YouTube, commenters claim that the alien object is nothing more than just a glitch in the system.

Another commenter posted, “Anyone familiar with the plane tracking apps will tell you that planes often react strangely on the screens because positional data gets missed and then re-acquired causing planes to speed up or change position. Also just because a plane isn’t recognised by the app means nothing only that.”

Earlier this month, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was once again accused of hiding evidence of aliens. Conspiracy theorists claim that the space agency cut off a live stream from the International Space Station (ISS) on Sept. 30 after a UFO, allegedly of alien origin, was seen flying near the space station. Source: australianetworknews

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