UFOS ON THE MOON: What were speeding lights ‘captured on film during Apollo 10 mission?’

#UFO #Apollo10 – UFOS ON THE MOON: What were speeding lights ‘captured on film during Apollo 10 mission?’ : The clip, said to have been filmed in the Icarus crater area, appears to show a number of pulsating bright lights moving at speed over the surface of the moon.

Launched on May 18, 1969, Apollo 10 was the fourth manned mission to the moon, and the second to orbit it. The video was first uploaded by YouTube channel We Came in Peace, which focuses on perceived anomalies in official NASA pictures and videos of the lunar missions.

In a promotional blurb for the video, the channel said: “This video is part of series of original videos from Apollo Missions to the Moon containing footage of unidentified flying objects (UFO).”

Describing the footage, it added: “A UFO materialises above the southern skies of lunar farside. “It initially moves away from the camera almost to horizon then decides to turn around and head straight to a crater near Icarus – located very close to the camera recording the UFO.

UFOs have allegedly been seen in this footage from NASA Apollo 10 mission.

“Try this quick experiment: Place a piece of paper or ruler on your screen, and trace the movement of the object across the surface from its position just above the horizon to the final destination.

“Observe how absolutely straight the object’s movement path is from the horizon to Icarus crater. “The reason why you see the object ‘skip’ across the surface at the end is likely the combination of low frame rate of the original footage and the object’s actual speed.

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