23 Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Problems & Fixes

#Microsoft #SurfacePro423 Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Problems & Fixes : The Surface Pro 4 certainly isn’t a bad device. Its thin and light body make it a great ultrabook/tablet. The companion Type Cover that users are encouraged to purchase with it is a dream to type on. The Surface Pro 4’s 12.3-inch display is beautiful to look at. In time, it’s safe to say that Microsoft could have millions of Surface Pro 4 buyers on its hands.

Trouble is, Surface Pro 4 problems mar the experience for some early on. Since the device’s launch date, buyers have flocked to communities and Microsoft’s own Answers website looking for ways to fix the Surface Pro 4 problems they’ve run into.

Here’s how to fix the Surface Pro 4 issues that we and Surface Pro 4 users have run into thus far. When possible, each problem also includes an update revealing if Microsoft has fixed the issue or if it’s still on-going.

Surface Pro 4 Problems: Touchscreen Lock/Device Lock Up

By far, one of the most annoying Surface Pro 4 problems seems to be freezing. Some users are reporting that their device completely locks up sometimes, keeping them from interacting with their apps and files with a keyboard and with touch. What is causing this remains unclear. It’s also unclear when Microsoft will have a fix for this in place.

When it happens, reset your Surface Pro 4 by holding down the power button until your Surface Pro 4’s screen goes black. Press the power button to turn the device back on. Microsoft recently released a firmware update to address this issue.

Surface Pro 4 Problems: Screen Won’t Rotate/Missing Rotation Lock

Want to use the Surface Pro 4 as a digital notebook? Chances are that if you do, you’re turning the Surface Pro 4 in portrait mode so that it has the same rough dimensions as a legal pad. Tablet users rotate their screen so much for different activities that it’s easy to take it for granted.

Some users report that their Surface Pro 4 won’t let them rotate their screen out of landscape and into portrait mode. In fact, the screen rotation lock button disappears from the Action Center. Why this happens is a bit unclear, but it does seem to be directly related to the way the Surface Pro 4 doesn’t let users rotate their display when a Type Cover is attached. Try attaching your Type Cover back to your Surface Pro 4. Then detach it again. The Rotation Lock button should reappear in the Action Center.

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