Bizarre ‘Pirates of the Caribbean ghost ship’ spotted sailing across lake

#GhostShip #PiratesCaribbeanBizarre ‘Pirates of the Caribbean ghost ship’ spotted sailing across lake : The video – which was uploaded YouTube – shows what looks like a massive grey object floating across the water behind fog. Jason Asselin said he spotted the “ship” on Lake Superior, in Michigan, in the US, on Saturday evening.

He added: “This mysterious ship had to be gigantic – almost as if a ghost ship was showing itself to the world. “Even if it was a ship – what could be that tall in these choppy waves?” The video – which has over 230,000 views – has baffled viewers.

One ghost hunter believes it could SS Bannockburn which went missing in the Michigan lake during the early 1900s. According to reports the Great Lakes cargo ship got lost during a storm and was officially declared presumed lost on November 30, 1902.

Since its disappearance there have been a number reported sightings by sailors who believe it is a bad omen. Truth seekers have labelled it “The Flying Dutchman of Lake Superior”. However, alien enthusiast Scott Waring believes the strange “ship” could be extraterrestrial.

He said: “Lake Michigan is one of the deepest, coldest lakes in the world – which has many secrets of sunken war ships, freighters, panes and even a few atomic bombs. “So an alien craft about 300 to 500 metre rising from the water – where else could aliens hide such a large craft and go unnoticed?”

A number of other suggestions about what the object could be have flooded in – including “a launching space shuttle”, “demon” and “satellite projected holograph”. However a few social media users believe they have debunked the mystery.

One viewer Cortney Kern said: “[It] looks like water tornadoes [as it] looks pretty windy there.” While Mike Panchula commented: “I think this may be a mirage of the Stannard Rock Reef Lighthouse. “Mirages caused by thermal inversions are common on the Great Lakes in the Spring and Fall [Autumn].”Source: dailystar

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