Elon Musk’s Tesla To Launch ‘Unexpected’ Product Next Week

#Tesla #ElonMuskElon Musk’s Tesla To Launch ‘Unexpected’ Product Next Week : Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced via twitter that a new product described as “unexpected by most” will be launched on October 17. He also confirmed the Tesla/SolarCity joint products unveiling event for Oct. 28.

Tesla’s New Unexpected Product

It is unknown what this mystery product could be, but a report from Techcrunch speculated that the new product might be a new vehicle or a sophomore version of its battery electric vehicle (BEV) Roadster. To recall, Elon Musk called it a complete disaster in its initial launch. It could also be an update to the recently launched Autopilot 8.0. Although it was just launched on Sept. 21, Musk previously hinted that their development on the autopilot technology would surprise anyone.

Another likely candidate is the second part of the Tesla Model 3 reveal, according to MSN. Musk himself promised that the reveal is going to be “super next level,” but it is unknown if he was referring to the upcoming event.

The Tesla/SolarCity Joint Project Unveiling

With the same tweet, Musk also confirmed the date of the Tesla/SolarCity joint project unveiling. He previously revealed that the project is about the new “solar roof with integrated Powerwall 2.0 battery and Tesla charger.” The product is a combination of SolarCity’s top-of-the-line solar panels and batteries built by Tesla from its Gigafactory.

No Need To Raise Additional Equity

It was also reported that alongside the announcement of the “unexpected” product launch, Elon Musk also said that no additional equity or corporate launch is needed to raise fund for either Tesla or SolarCity’s joint venture. These events are likely designed as the investor’s reassurance that the merger as proposed by Elon Musk is equally for the best interests for both.

The Wild Guess

With the “unexpected” tagline that Elon Musk had set for the identity of the new product set to be launched, this could be anything. Given the Tesla CEO’s intense imagination and wildly unconventional personality, surprise is nothing but a word in the dictionary. Source: itechpost

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