GoPro Hero5 Black And Session Review Roundup: What Everyone’s Saying About The Hero4 Successor

#GoProHero5 #Camera – GoPro Hero5 Black And Session Review Roundup: What Everyone’s Saying About The Hero4 Successor : With the debut of its Karma aerial drone, GoPro also released two new action cameras. One is the company’s new flagship, the GoPro Hero5 Black, and the other is the Hero Session’s more-refined brother, the Hero5 Session.

GoPro took two years before releasing these cameras and hence, expectations are quite high. So now that they’re out and available, what does the public think of GoPro’s latest action camera offerings?


Aesthetically, the Hero5 Black is noticeably different from its predecessor, the Hero4 Black. Gone are the sharp corners as they are replaced by smoother, rounded edges.

Moreover, the Hero5 Black is slimmer compared with the Hero4 Black with the LCD display mounted to its back. The difference is further amplified when the Hero4 Black gets fitted with its waterproof housing.

Note that the Hero5 Black doesn’t need a bulky waterproof case, for basic water sports at least, since it’s already waterproof. Moreover, it has a built-in touchscreen just like the Hero4 Silver. Think of the Hero5 as a combination of the the Hero4 Silver, Hero4 Black and Hero4 Session.

“[The Hero5 Black] has a drastically different design from its predecessor,” says YouTuber Dom Esposito. “It feels like it’s got a rubbery feel to it… It feels like it’s gonna be easier to grip… This just feels more durable than the Hero4 Black.”

Design-wise the Hero5 Session looks almost identical to the Hero4/Hero Session and maintains the rugged 1.5-inch cube form factor. Just like its older brother, the new minimalist compact action camera has the one-touch-recording button, which, when pressed, turns on the camera and starts recording. Likewise, it also only requires a single press to stop recording and turn off the camera in order to conserve the battery.

“They’re different colors but they’re exactly the same size,” says Digital Tech Reviews and Tips.


Being waterproof is perhaps the biggest feature of both the Hero5 Black and the Hero5 Session. Just like the Hero4 Session, both action cams do not require a separate housing, at least for depths down to 33 feet (10 meters).

“[Thirty three] feet. That should be good for surfing, snorkling, most watersports other than scuba diving,” says Wired’s Brent Rose. “That means you can get away with just a smaller frame case for it. So it’s a little bit lighter and it preserves much better audio.”

Note that both cameras have mics that are designed to clear themselves of water.

For depths that go beyond 33 feet, a waterproof housing will be needed

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