iOS 10 jailbreak news, update: Hackers fighting a lost cause with frequent Apple updates?

#Apple #iOS10  iOS 10 jailbreak news, update: Hackers fighting a lost cause with frequent Apple updates? : The Cupertino-based tech giant, Apple, has been releasing updates at a faster rate, making it clear that hackers are fighting a lost battle. Although not meant to patch up the cracked mobile operating systems, it remains that Pangu, TaiG, and other iOS Jailbreakers are considerably behind the schedule.

Apple recently released its iOS 10 operating system to address call audio issues for the iPhone 7. Apart from fixing the call audio problems, iOS 10 as well comes with small security fixes. The OS release became a big problem for Pangu and the rest of hacking groups since they were pushed back to square one.

It is notable that iOS 10 has many flaws, especially the security problem in the operating system’s protection mechanism. The flaw allows hackers to develop a new attack that can bypass certain security checks when enumerating passwords protecting local backups made by iOS 10 devices, according to Elcomsoft official blog.

As a result, Apple may soon release an update for iOS 10.0.2 to address the security problem, something that will get hacker groups unawares. The tech giant is seemingly way a head of Pangu and other Jailbreakers, something that questions the possibility of users ever seeing a working jailbreak soon.

It is a point of concern on whether or not Apple users should upgrade to iOS 10.0.2, especially with the looming release of iOS 10.0.3, according to Forbes. It would be rational for them to wait for the new update.

With regard to a functional iOS 10 jailbreak, it is safe to say it is unknown. Many people will want to show off their cracking success, including Lucas Todesco, which may turn out to be nothing but false hopes for users.

Since Todesco and other aspiring iOS Jailbreakers cannot release their alleged success publicly, it shows that they are no better than hoax achievements.Source: Yibada

The bottom line is Pangu and TaiG are the best teams for the ultimate iOS jailbreaks. Here is footage for further information on iOS 10 jailbreak:

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