Microsoft Patches All Windows Versions with October 2016 Security Updates

#Microsoft #WindowsMicrosoft Patches All Windows Versions with October 2016 Security Updates : Microsoft has released a total of 10 security updates this Patch Tuesday, out of which no less than 5 are rated as critical, including here an update aimed at Adobe Flash Player.

First and foremost, IT admins should prioritize the deployment of MS16-118, which is a cumulative security update for Internet Explorer. All versions of the browser that are still supported by Microsoft are targeted by this patch, and the firm says that a successful exploit could lead to an attacker gaining the same rights as the logged in user.

This involves getting the target computer to load a specially crafted webpage hosting code to exploit the vulnerability, so users whose machines aren’t yet patched should avoid clicking on links coming from unknown or untrusted sources.

Just like Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge is also getting a cumulative security update with MS16-119. The aforementioned information is valid here too, with Microsoft saying that Edge users should stay away from suspicious links because crafted websites is the only way for attackers to exploit vulnerabilities.

“Office customers getting patches too”

MS16-120 is a security update Microsoft Graphics component which resolves vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, .NET Framework, Office, Skype for Business, Silverlight, and Microsoft Lync.

Customers of any of these solutions should stay away from links and documents that they don’t trust, the firm says, and Microsoft explains that one way to reduce the risks of exploits by reducing user rights to standards and removing administrator privileges.

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