Microsoft Surface All-In-One PC release date: Latest PC to finally be unveiled on Oct. 26?

#Microsoft #SurfaceAIOMicrosoft Surface All-In-One PC release date: Latest PC to finally be unveiled on Oct. 26? : Microsoft will be hosting an event on Wednesday, Oct. 26, at 10 a.m. EDT in New York and it is expected that the highly anticipated Surface All-In-One (AIO) PC will take center stage at the occasion.

Besides the Surface AIO, the tech giant is also rumored to finally reveal a new Surface Phone and announce its plans for the upcoming upgrades of its operating system (OS), Windows 10, and Xbox One. Microsoft’s Surface AIO PC is also speculated to be made for use in living rooms. With this, the device is expected to feature a relatively larger touchscreen interface.

The PC is reported to be available in three different sizes, a 21-inch with a Full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels), a 24-inch at 4K (3,680 x 2,140 pixels), and the largest size being a 27-inch screen equipped with a 4K resolution, according to a report from Windows Central.

Recent reports also point out that Microsoft is planning to include an accessory lineup for the Surface AIO PC. A Surface-patented Bluetooth keyboard, coupled with a mouse is expected to be made available. Speculations also suggest that an upgraded version of the popular Surface Pen may be included as an add-on.

The new version of the Surface Pen is rumored to have a rechargeable battery and is able to attach magnetically to the Surface AIO PC. A report from Tech Times likewise indicates that the Surface AIO PC will sport a modular design with a detachable screen and keyboard.

The said design will enable users to have the functionality of a tablet and a PC, depending on their whims. As for the cost of the upcoming Surface AIO PC, reports suggest that it would be priced at about $999. It may be noted that the rumored Surface AIO PC still remains unannounced as of the moment, and that the hype for the high-end PC runs solely on speculations. Source: mnrdaily

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