Microsoft Surface PC to Be Manufactured by iPhone 7 Maker

#Microsoft #SurfacePCMicrosoft Surface PC to Be Manufactured by iPhone 7 Maker : The latest such info, for example, reveals that Pegatron will be in charge of Surface PC manufacturing, after previously working with Microsoft for several other devices. Pegatron is also the maker of the iPhone 7, being one of the largest Apple partners at the moment.

Previous, Pegatron has manufactured the Surface Pro 2, and rumor has it that Microsoft is planning on working with the same company on building the Surface Pro 5 and the Surface Book 2, according to a report from Digitimes.

The Surface PC is expected to come in three different versions, with 21-, 24-, and 27-inch displays and is very likely to launch with new Surface-branded mice and keyboards that Microsoft has been spotted working on in the latest few weeks.
“No other Surface models this month”

The Surface PC is expected to be the only new Microsoft device seeing daylight on October 26 (along with the aforementioned accessories), as the company is reportedly planning on unveiling the new Surface Book 2 and Surface Pro 5 in the spring of the next year.

Originally, the October 2016 event was supposed to host the unveiling of a new generation of Microsoft devices, including not only Surface tablets, laptops, and PCs, but also Band wearables.

The Microsoft Band, however, now has an uncertain future, as people familiar with the matter said that an experiment to install Windows 10 IoT on the device failed, and Redmond wants to discontinue it completely.

More information will most likely be offered on October 26 during the firm’s official event, and at that time, several partners are also expected to introduce new models running Windows 10 and taking advantage of the latest features integrated into the OS, such as Windows Hello. Source: softpedia

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