Microsoft Surface Phone vs Surface Pro 5: Are They Really Coming?

#SurfacePro5 #SurfacePhoneMicrosoft Surface Phone vs Surface Pro 5: Are They Really Coming? : Microsoft Corporation might not be ready to release the Surface Pro 5 and the Surface Phone yet even though Surface fans are clamoring for them. The hardware maker has been putting the Surface Pro 4 and some of its Lumia phones on sale.

This, however, does not prove that the company is including the next-gen Surface tab and the rumored Surface Phone on its October 26 event, says a report from itechpost.

What price cuts indicate

As per a report by Neowin, the Surface Pro 4 got a $150 price cut a couple of days ago. But this does not indicate that the Surface Pro 5 is coming. Instead, there are reports that Microsoft will revamp the Surface Pro 4. This revamped Surface Pro is anticipated to be a part of Microsoft’s hardware launch this month.

Also, the company put the Lumia 640 on sale just a few days ago, giving a $125 price tag on Lumia 640. It should be noted that this is not the first time that the company has given its Lumia phones a discount. Microsoft UK has dropped the costs for the premium Lumia devices, the 950 and 950 XL as well.

This again does not prove that the company will release the Surface Phone this October. But this does say much about the weakening Lumia line. This could indicate another thing: the Surface Phone is indeed coming, but not this year, notes itechpost.

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