What The PlayStation VR Experience Is Really Like: Pitfalls And Benefits

#PSVR #PlayStationVRWhat The PlayStation VR Experience Is Really Like: Pitfalls And Benefits : The PlayStation VR was officially unveiled some time ago. And while the unit has been available on a pre-order basis since, the device does not actually hit the market until next week. However, there are already reports calling it the best VR console currently available, as well as reports saying it is only a good buy in very certain situations.

As GQ notes, the PSVR is quite possibly the best buy out there for those interested in dipping their toes into VR. It’s priced much less than the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and it is definitely more comfortable as well. It’s strongest selling point, however, might be that a user does not need the best computer currently on sale – just a PlayStation 4.

The requirements, therefore, are not as taxing as its competitors’. The unit itself comes with the controllers and cameras that just need to be set up with the PS4. Once the unit and its accessories – which cost about US$500 – are set up, the user is free to explore the world of virtual reality.

There is, however, room for improvement in the sensors and setup of the PSVR. This is because the camera has to be angled just right in order to absorb the user’s entire body motions. Furthermore, the controllers that come with the device often make the whole image a little fuzzy which could cause motion sickness.

As Venture Beat adds to this, the reason that most people experience a disconnect in motion sensing is because of the lighting. Apparently, bright lights often confuse the camera. This is because reflecting light and others can often be construed as a movement as it is absorbed as LED light.

In essence, Sony is requiring users to eliminate all these bright objects from the room in order to fully experience the VR world. After all, there is an uncomfortable and frustrating detachment from the world of virtual reality when a player’s movements are not properly and correctly observed. When movement is not tracked, nothing changes in VR.

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