PS4 video games that will get PS4 Pro treatment revealed

#PS4Pro #Gaming – PS4 video games that will get PS4 Pro treatment revealed : The list of several PlayStation 4 video games that will support the PlayStation 4 Pro has been revealed. Several games that will not get the PS4 Pro support also revealed.

With the announcement of the latest and most powerful console hardware from Sony, PS4 games that will support the PS4 pro have been revealed. Several game developers and publishers have revealed that their video games will get a new patch that will make it take advantage of the console’s powerful specs.

According to the official website of Bethesda, the game publisher announced that both “Skyrim” Special Edition and “Fallout 4” will get support for the PS4 Pro. They said that the new hardware allowed them to make their medieval fantasy game render in native 4k. They also said that after their work on the first game, they will create a patch for their post-apocalyptic video game to support 4K with enhanced lighting and graphics features.

“The Elder Scrolls Online” will get the PS4 Pro treatment. With a 4K display unit, it will gain increased graphical fidelity running in native 4K resolution. For the 1080p display, it will only get increased graphical fidelity.

According to the official forums of Square-Enix, “Deus Ex: Mankind Divided” will get PlayStation 4 Pro support with patch 1.05. With a 4K display and the PS4 Pro, the game will gain 4K resolution and graphical improvements. It will also get PlayStation 4 improvements like the HDR support.

The latest basketball game from 2K Sports “NBA 2K17” will get PS4 Pro support. The publisher confirmed to GameSpot that it will still render at 4K resolution, even on a 1080p display. It will also display native 4k resolution running at 60 frames per second with HDR support.

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