Samsung Gear S3 vs Sony Smartwatch 3 vs Apple Watch 2 Review: Which Is The Best Wearable For You?

#GearS3 #AppleWatch2Samsung Gear S3 vs Sony Smartwatch 3 vs Apple Watch 2 Review: Which Is The Best Wearable For You? : The Sony Smartwatch 3, Samsung Gear S3, and Apple Watch 2 are just some of the wearables with admirable features and specifications. Now, let’s try to compare these three and see which is best for you.

In terms of the display, the Apple Watch 2 comes with an option of a 38mm 1.3-inch OLED with 38mm and 340 x 272 pixel resolution or 42mm 1.5-inch OLED with 42mm and 390 x 312 pixel resolution.

The Samsung Gear S3 has 1.3 inch 360 x 360 pixel Super AMOLED display, while the Sony Smartwatch 3 sports 1.6 inch with 320 x 320 display which is a bit smaller than the Samsung gadget.

The Samsung Gear S3 has a round design like normal watches, while the Apple Watch 2 has more of a squared design. According to PC Advisor, the Smartwatch 3 of Sony, “looks and feels like an unfinished version of the Apple Watch” with its rectangular shape.

Moreover, the Sony Smartwatch 3 features a heart rate sensor on the back panel similar to that of the Apple Watch 2 and Samsung Gear S3. The three wearables are good selections for athletes and runners to track calories, steps, distance and many other activities.

However, as reported by PC Mag, the Apple Watch 2 is “the clear choice for dedicated swimmers” since it is water resistant up to 164 feet and can track indoor and outdoor swimming.

Talking about its battery life, Samsung Gear S3 is ahead among the three wearables, having a four-day battery life depending on the usage. The Sony Smartwatch 3 has up to 2 days battery life, which is already better than the Apple Watch 2 with only 18-hours battery life.

Furthermore, when it comes to price, the Apple Watch 2 is priced $480, $520, and $1620 for the different variants based on the diameter and specs. The Sony Smartwatch 3 has a value of $130 for the basic model and $250 for the leather variant. On the other hand, the Samsung Gear S3 might be sold with a price tag of $449.

All wearables have great features, but if you are looking for a budget-friendly smartwatch, then you can opt for Sony Smarthwatch 3. Source: Mobilenapps

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