The Surface Phone Is Microsoft’s Last Hope In The Mobile Phone Market

#Microsoft #SurfacePhoneThe Surface Phone Is Microsoft’s Last Hope In The Mobile Phone Market : We have all seen Microsoft struggle in the mobile phone market, and fans have been nothing but supportive every time a premium Microsoft-labeled or Windows-running phone gets launched.

However, it looks like things simply fail to fall into place for Microsoft. Yes, Windows Phones are more suited to the business market. However, to compete with iOS and Android, Microsoft needs to be embraced by the larger masses as well.

With the failure of Lumia becoming more and more apparent, we can all agree that Microsoft’s last hope in the mobile phone division is the alleged Surface Phone.

Surface Phone To Save Microsoft’s Dying Smartphone Division

It seems like no matter how premium Microsoft makes its smartphone, it still cannot beat its immediate competitions. The Lumia 950 and 950 XL are both superb phones.

They are even as powerful as the bigger tablets on the market. However, these phones weren’t enough to save the Lumia line. Clearly, it’s not the powerful internals that would save Microsoft’s smartphone line and the company needs to figure out the X-factor necessary to beat the competitions.

We can only hope that the Surface Phone is not just a simple reiteration of the Lumia 950 XL, and Microsoft actually targets the right flaws in developing the next phone.

Surface Phone Expectations

If Microsoft is indeed pursuing a Surface Phone launch next year, then it should be made more useful to a larger audience. We’ve all known the company to be the best in computing. The unbeatable success of the Windows OS makes this more clearer.

However, when it comes to mobile phones, everyone can agree that Windows mobile isn’t for everyone. The people who can make use of Microsoft’s premium phones largely belong to the business sector.

With that said, the Surface Phone should be targeted to a bigger scope of users. To do that, it’s quite obvious that the company needs to do something about their phones’ apps. This might be a minor factor and this might not represent the entirety of the problem.

However, Windows Phone users cannot deny the fact that Windows apps are very limited. If the same problem occurs in the Surface Phone, then its safe to say that the said phone will once again follow the footsteps of the Lumia phones.

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