Alien News 2016: ‘Blood Sucking’ Alien Caught on Camera

#UFO #AlienAlien News 2016: ‘Blood Sucking’ Alien Caught on Camera : A paranormal expert allegedly encountered a blood-sucking alien in Newton Abbot, Devon in England. Apparently, alien hunter John Mooner has the photograph to prove it.

Mooner said that he tried to get away from the alien but he ended up coughing up blood. He believes that this was caused by the blood-sucking alien invader, which he described as a grey creature with an indefinite shape and the classic black eyes.

“I was doing some paranormal investigation looking for anything out of the ordinary and I had just walked around the woods when I saw someone standing there in the park,” says Mooner. “It was as I got closer that I realised that it was no man. I had the shock of my life it was a grey alien.

The grey alien was just standing there blocking the way I was heading. I fumbled around with my pocket camera and quickly took a photograph before the AA batteries fell out of the camera’s batteries compartment.”

Mooner, who describes himself as the chief photographer for World UFO Photos and claims to have photographed aliens over the years, says that there was no time to pick up the batteries to take another picture.

He adds that the grey alien floated in his direction but he jumped back in fright and tried to run to the woods as fast as he can. When he got away, he noticed that he was coughing up blood.

Another group of aliens have also been spotted. Alien hunters claim that an unidentified flying object of alien origin was caught flying during a New Zealand breakfast TV news program called News Now program.

Alien hunters estimate that the alien object was travelling from New Zealand to Canberra, Australia with speed of up to 120 times faster than an ordinary airplane. Source: australianetworknews

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