Apple iPad Mini 5 release date, news & update: Apple to release device in 2017

#Apple #iPadMini5Apple iPad Mini 5 release date, news & update: Apple to release device in 2017 : There are various rumors about Apple’s iPad Mini line, and the more these are fueled by uncertainties, the wilder the rumors become. In the case of the iPad Mini 5, this is probably because it has been 13 months since its predecessor, the iPad Mini 4, appeared and no one is certain when the new product is going to launch.

This could be in 2017 yet, reports MacWorld. But many are saying that Apple is still focusing on its upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 that will be launched this year, the reason why the IPad Mini 5 has to come later.

Yet the iPad Mini 5 is already one of the most talked about devices in the world of technology today, and for some very good reasons. According to reports, this new product will have a 3D touch function and will run on Apple’s latest operating system, the iOS 10 or the new iOS 11, assuming it will come out next year.

Consumers will also have three different screen sizes to choose from: the 12.9-inch, 10.1-inch and 9.7-inch variants. For sure, the Mini 5 will be powered by the latest A10 chipset.

As for internal storage, it might have either 32 GB, 64 GB or 128 GB of memory. A thinner and lighter body is possible with an A-thin 7000-series aluminum chassis that should make the device more durable.

While fans can expect a lot of changes from its predecessor, the new product will not differ much in the camera department. Both the 8 MP in the rear portion and the 1.2 MP in the front area face are expected to stay, using a True Tone Flash technology for high quality photos.

Reports on the price tags of the device are scarce, but there are suggestions the iPad Mini 5 may sell for $450 for the 32GB model. Its predecessor’s 16GB model was sold for $399 during its launch. Source: christiantimes

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