Apple Rumor: iPad Pro 2 Upgrades to Pack Beauty Outside, Beast Inside; Tablets Arrive after Macbook Pro 2016

#iPadPro2 #MacBookProApple Rumor: iPad Pro 2 Upgrades to Pack Beauty Outside, Beast Inside; Tablets Arrive after Macbook Pro 2016 : Apple is going to report its Q4 earning calls soon and this could shed light to the upcoming Macbook Pro 2016, and most importantly, the overhaul that iPad Pro 2 will received next year.

Apple rumor: iPad Pro 2 is going to have faster and smoother performance with the A10X chip

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has claimed that Apple will equip the upcoming iPad tablets with powerful processor, A10X chip. The leaked benchmark score of the chipset shows an impressive 4,326 single-core test result.

Not only the chip that gets an upgrade, but the performance will also be smoother. Potential users will be able to pan, zoom and pinch faster using the latest display technology that Apple implements.

Apple rumor: iPad Pro 2 to sport 7,000 series aluminum

Since the 7,000 series aluminum is used in Apple Watch, it is said that the upcoming iPad Pro will use the similar material for its chassis. If this is to be believed, it will make the tablet tough and sturdy, especially if it is going to be waterproof.

Furthermore, since Macbook Pro 2016 is speculated to have a major overhaul and thinner dimension, the said design could also be applied to the upcoming iPad Pro 2, The Forbes reported.

Apple rumor: iPad Pro 2 will get a Q2 2017 release date

Internal sources said that the much anticipated second iteration of iPad Pro will be rolled out during the first half of 2017, Bloomberg reported. Moreover, iPad Pro 2 will reportedly be offered in three variants that includes 7.9 inches, 10.5 inches and 12.9 inches.

Many tech analysts have also speculated that Apple would be replacing its iPad Mini lineup with the new iPad Pro lineup. However, some say that other than replacing the iPad Mini lineup, the Cupertino-based tech giant could just rebrand or rename its iPad Mini to iPad Mini Pro. Check out iPad Pro 2 design concept below. Source: Universityherald

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