Forget MacBook Pro 2016: Microsoft Surface Book 2 gives you value for your money

#SurfaceBook2 #MacBookPro – Forget MacBook Pro 2016: Microsoft Surface Book 2 gives you value for your money : Details about the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 and Microsoft Surface Book 2 are not yet out, but rumors are rife. When the two flagship laptops go head-to-head, the Surface Book 2 emerges victorious in terms of features and specs.

The Surface Book 2 will sport a new impressive and slim design. The device’s hinge is revamped, making it thinner to fit in bags and crowded desks. The laptop as well features a removable display that can either be used as a conventional laptop or a standalone tablet.

On the other hand, it seems impractical to have a removable display for the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016, allowing users to use it as an iPad. While Apple’s flagship is rumored to sport a stylus pen, there is no official confirmation. However, the Surface Pen feature is an inevitable thing for the Microsoft flagship.

With regard to specs, reports suggest that the Surface Book 2 will come with a USB-C port, a 4K resolution display, and an 8MP camera. Furthermore, the laptop will ship with Intel’s seventh generation Core i5 and Core i7 processors, widely known as the Kaby Lake series. The device will have an increased battery life of up to 14 hours.

The MacBook Pro 2016, which is slated to release this month, will feature the sixth generation dual-core Intel Core M chips, 1866MHz memory, and 10 hours of battery life. The device is reported to include Intel Skylake processors.

Gaming has gotten better for the two flagship laptops. Although the Surface Book 2 is not meant or marketed as a gaming machine, Microsoft could not hold back to demonstrate its graphical hacks. A major selling point for the Surface Book 2 is that it will offer an optional NVIDIA graphics card in the premium models, according to V3.

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