Microsoft October Event: Surface Pro 4 Goes On Sale, Hints At Successor?

#Surface Pro 4 #SurfacePro5 – Microsoft October Event: Surface Pro 4 Goes On Sale, Hints At Successor? : The anticipated Microsoft October event is set to focus on developments for its Xbox, Windows 10 and Surface devices. While news of a Surface Pro 5 is not foreseeable, the price cuts that the Surface Pro 4 is having tells a different story.

Surface Pro 4 Variants Get Price Cuts

Techtimes reported that saving as much as $585 can be availed when buying a Surface Pro 4 with an Intel Core i7 chip, 16 GB RAM and 1TB of space while the other 256 GB variant can save users about $260. The entry level versions are also getting price cuts with the Intel Core m3 Skylake processor-packed base model having a $150 discount and $100 for the higher Intel Core i5-powered model. This is, however, available for a limited only.

Surface Pro 5 Coming?

These round of discounts offered are hinting of a possible Surface Pro 4 successor come Oct. 26. While there is no definite report of a Surface Pro 5 coming, the device might be getting a refresh with a possible Intel’s series of Kaby Lake processors on board or a brand new sets of accessories.

Surface All-In-One PC Might Be In The Works

As reported, the event would likely focus on the computing company’s developments on its Windows 10 and the iCloud competing cloud-based service. However, news of a brand new hardware offer is gaining rounds with The Verge reporting that a new desktop set called Surface PC or Surface All-In-One might be unveiled. This all-in-one desktop PC will showcase the planned update of Windows 10, which the company plans to roll in two major updates in the coming year.

The sale of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 may also mean that the almost one-year old device is already nearing its shelf life. Thus, an update or a successor in the form of the Surface Pro 5 might be due on Oct. 26, building much anticipation to the said event. source:itechpost

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