Nintendo NX Features, Specs And Price: The Good And The Ugly

#NintendoNX #Console – Nintendo NX Features, Specs And Price: The Good And The Ugly : Other than its March 2017 release date, Nintendo has frustratingly remained silent on the upcoming Nintendo NX. So much so that the initial hype surrounding the unit has started to deflate. But while the wait is reaching an almost unbearable point, there is no denying that leaks on the device, it’s specs and its features make the time without official word almost worth it.

As NDTV Gadgets notes, the Nintendo NX is expected to make use of cartridges as opposed to discs, which theoretically feeds the nostalgic thirst of all 90’s players. Furthermore, it is estimated to come with 4K video streaming quality, for third party apps like Netflix. The upcoming console is also reportedly going to set back a user by US$299.99 for the console itself and US$399.99 for the bundled set.

As Express UK adds, the most exciting aspect of the Nintendo NX, however, is that it will be a two-in-one console. That is, that players will be able to take the console out of their homes while still playing the device, but that it will have enough power to be considered a home-docked unit. If this is true, Nintendo is once again stretching and changing the world of gaming.

It has also been claimed that four games are expected to debut with the Nintendo NX. Arguably, the most popular of which include a “Mario” title and a “Legend Of Zelda” game, though its premises and gameplay remain a mystery. A title is also expected from Ubisoft, as its CEO Yves Guillemot has laid down praise for the console, unfortunately without giving anything else away.

Nintendo as a company has been solidified itself in the gaming industry as a player that innovates, with its previous inventions being the analogue stick, motion stick and shoulder buttons. There is no doubt that the Nintendo NX can be one of the greatest consoles the industry has seen in years. However, there are many things that can go wrong as well.

For example, there is the incredibly large hurdle of a portable-sized device having the power to produce quality images on a television screen. The design as well might be questioned, as Nintendo has a history of making rather controversial decisions. And while it depends on the final console design, the price might be put into question as well.

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