Xbox Scorpio vs Xbox One S: Sibling Rivalry

#XboxOneS #XboxScorpioXbox Scorpio vs Xbox One S: Sibling Rivalry : A few months ago, Microsoft unveiled the sleeker version of the Xbox One original – the Xbox One S. The new gaming console support 4K video streaming and HDR. But how does the Xbox One S compares with the upcoming Xbox Scorpio in terms of specs and features?

What We Know So Far

Xbox Scorpio is not to be released until 2017. Still, Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s head of Xbox, has already provided updates of the upcoming console.

Microsoft is not worried with the competition since the Xbox Scorpio packs plenty of powerful features, way more than the Xbox One S. Given that, the 2017 console’s price point is expected to be on the high end of the spectrum compared to gaming consoles available at the moment.

Spencer says that the new Project Scorpio has a long way to go before its release, but they decided to announce it early to help consumers make the choice of which console they want to buy. Here’s what consumers can expect with the upcoming Xbox Scorpio and the now available Xbox One S.

Improved gaming performance

Basically, the main selling point of the Xbox Scorpio is its promise of an improved 4K gaming performance, much better than what the Xbox One S provides. With the Scorpio, gamers can enjoy buttery-smooth graphics clocked at 60GHz.

Microsoft assures that the Xbox Scorpio can handle games and let them run at their highest resolution without dropping framerates. This is not the case with the Xbox One S since it only runs at a maximum of 30 framerates within a range of 917MHz frequency. Between a MHz and GHz clock battle, the Scorpio definitely wins.


Right now, the Xbox Scorpio is expected to be Microsoft’s most powerful console yet. What Microsoft did is that they equipped the Scorpio with a six-teraflop capability, a far cry from 1.4-teraflop capability of the Xbox One S.

This makes the Xbox Scorpio able to render impressive graphics and perform 4 times better than the Xbox One S. Gamers can expect a much-improved gameplay experience. Microsoft also added the game-dedicated AMD chips to support high fidelity VR, High Dynamic Range (HDR) and 4K gaming experiences for gamers.

The Xbox One S, on the other hand, supports an upscale gaming performance thanks to its 4K video playback and Blu-ray support. The console also accommodates HDR gaming. but at a limited capacity.

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