5 Great open source file-sharing software packages

#Software #App5 Great open source file-sharing software packages : Have you ever attached files to an email only to find that they eclipse the maximum size for attachments? If you need to share larger files, file-sharing software can come in handy.

File-sharing applications enable you to share files over networks without any size restrictions. There are loads of them to choose from, but not all are open-source software packages. These are some of the more notable open-source file sharers for Windows.

Ares Galaxy

Ares Galaxy is a file-sharing package based on P2P, otherwise peer-to-peer, network technology. Its own decentralized network gives the software an edge over other alternatives, and it boasts an efficient built-in search tool that enables users to find content very quickly.

The software also comes with a variety of extra bells and whistles such as its chat module, directshow media player and library manager. Users can preview downloaded audio and video files with the media player. In addition, Ares Galaxy also works with firewalls so you don’t need to reconfigure them. Click Download on this Web page to save its installer.


Deluge is a BitTorrent client, which is one of the best P2P protocols. The software offers full encryption for files. Another good thing about this program is that it has three alternative UIs. Aside from its desktop mode, Deluge also has a Web UI for browsers and a command line console UI.

That gives the package greater flexibility than other alternatives, and you can also add numerous plugins to it to further enhance the software. Click the Download now button on the Deluge site to save its installer to Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.


The qBittorrent software is another BitTorrent client file sharer. This is an open source alternative to uTorrent, which has an extensive user base. Consequently, it has a comparable UI to uTorrent. It comes with its own built-in search engine that provides a better alternative to the torrent search sites.

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