Alien News 2016: Proof Of Mars Civilization Discovered, Second Walled City Spotted

#Alien #MarsAlien News 2016: Proof Of Mars Civilization Discovered, Second Walled City Spotted : NASA images of Mars last week resulted in a second so called discovery of a ‘walled city in Mars’ last week. The latest in alien news, a paranormal channel Mister Enigma uploaded a video showing this extraordinary ‘discovery’.

The channel Enigma said that an alleged city of aliens has been discovered on Mars but is it a real deal? This discovery was branded as an important sighting by fellow UFO seeker Scott C Waring. In his blog, UFO Sightings Daily, he wrote, “This is no doubt an important discovery by Mister Enigma on YouTube.”

He added, “Like the cities in earth built on higher locations for better safety against attacks and floods, this alien city may also have the advantage of a better view, flood safety and an intimidating experience for those seeing it from a distance.

But again, they are aliens, so their reasoning and way of thinking can be different from our own.” There appears to be no doubt in the mind of Mr Waring that this is in fact the remains of a city of aliens and not just a formation of rocks.

But according to Express, Mister Enigma features in the blacklists compiled by some UFO hoax buster websites and the sites say that the channel broadcasts fake and misleading footage knowingly. However, this is denied by the channel.

Last Friday, Waring blogged that he has identified another ruined city in Mars through the images sent by NASA’s curiosity Rover. This time he blogged that “the number of images showing the alleged structures found on the surface of Mars have grown to four times in the last couple of years.”

He also added that “every single image beamed back by NASA curiosity rover on Mars show at least one object which looks to be artificially created or carved.” With the comments of Waring, it seems that the alien buffs are getting excited and nothing’s gonna stop them now! Source: morningnewsusa

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