iPad Mini 5 Release Date, Specs, News: MacBook Pro 2016 Causing The Delay of iPad Mini 5? (VIDEO)

#iPadMini5 #MacBookProiPad Mini 5 Release Date, Specs, News: MacBook Pro 2016 Causing The Delay of iPad Mini 5? (VIDEO) : The iPad Mini 5 is one of the most talked about gadgets in the tech world nowadays. Tech experts strongly believe that Apple Inc. is still focusing on their upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 that is expected to be launched within this year, and the top of the line laptop is one of the main reasons that hinders the release of iPad Mini 5.

Even though speculations claimed that the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 is holding up the iPad Mini 5, Apple fans are still longing for the release of  iPad Mini 5 along with the iPad Pro 2. Tech enthusiasts got their hopes up that the Cupertino based tech company might be launching these two gadgets in early 2017, according to The Reporter Times.

Talking about the specs, the iPad Mini 5 is expected to include a 7.9 inches Retina display like the previous model. The exterior of the device is said to deploy a 7000 series aluminum covering, this will make the new tablet more durable and robust.

The upcoming iPad Mini 5 is said to be more slender and elegant.The iPad Mini 5 is rumored to be featured with the new Live photos. It is said that the iPad Mini 5 is 1 mm thinner compared to its predecessor.

In terms of its processor, the new iPad Mini 5 features an A10 processor chipset. The chipset is coupled with 2 gigabyte of RAM and 16 gigabyte of internal memory. Other memory options of 64 gigabyte and 128 gigabyte are also available for the consumers.

Since the iOS 11 is anticipated to roll out by 2017, the iPad Mini 5 could be packed with the operating system. iPad Mini 5 is also expected to be released without the 3.5 mm audio jack. As for the tablet’s size, rumor has it that the iPad Mini 5 will have three variants, a 9.7-inch, 10.1-inch and 12.9-inch models,JBH News reported.

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