Microsoft Surface Pro 5 a no-show at Oct. 26 event? Surface Pro 4 receives huge price cuts (VIDEO)

#SurfacePro5 #SurfacePro4Microsoft Surface Pro 5 a no-show at Oct. 26 event? Surface Pro 4 receives huge price cuts (VIDEO) : Microsoft will be hosting an event this month to reveal the latest news on the developments of Xbox, Surface devices, and Windows 10. Fans should be prepared to get news on what Microsoft has in store on Oct. 26.

There are high chances that the upcoming event will focus on Windows 10 and the strong cloud based solutions from Microsoft. In addition, the services allow customers to use their Microsoft account on desktops, notebooks, and smartphones running on Windows 10, as well as iOS and Android phones that feature software from Microsoft.

The Oct. 26 event will shed more light on the new hardware that the company is making. Company insiders unveiled that a desktop computer is in pipeline, which is the best platform for Microsoft to show the power of Windows 10.

On the contrary, rumors are rife that neither the Surface Pro 4 nor the Surface Book will get an update this year. There are no reasons behind these speculations, but the two 2-in-1 gadgets ae consumer-focused devices, implying that the pressure to improve their specs is less than that of smartphones.

Twelve months is essentially long enough for users to clamor for a new and refreshed variant of a smartphone, whereas the 2-in-1s require a longer aging period.

Reviewers and users agree that the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book are still doing well when it comes to performance and pricing. The manufacturer may be compelled to share some statistics about the performance of the duo. It is important to know that the Surface Pro 4 is already receiving huge discounts on Amazon.

Customers can save up to $585 when buying a premium Surface Pro 4 packed with an Intel Core i7e, 16GB of RAM, and 1 TB storage capacity. The lower end Surface Pro 4 with just 256 GB of storage can save users up to $260.

Microsoft is rumored to display its desktop rig dubbed Surface PC or Surface All-In-One (AIO). This supports the previous rumors about the AIO since Microsoft filed for an AIO PC patent back in July 2015, outlining a modular computing device. Watch the peek below for details on the upcoming event.Source: Yibada

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