Nintendo NX Price Is $299, Premium Bundle At 399, Demo Units To Arrive At Store in Feb 2017

#NintendoNX #GamingNintendo NX Price Is $299, Premium Bundle At 399, Demo Units To Arrive At Store in Feb 2017 : A brand new set of Nintendo NX related rumors has appeared on the internet. This time around the information comes from GamesBulletinUK, and it is related to some of the key aspects of Nintendo NX, price, actual name, packaging, and other launch details.

So let’s get started. According to GamesBulletinUK, Nintendo NX will be available for $299 (base model), and there will be an option to purchase a premium bundle which will be available for $399 (content is not yet known).

Furthermore, early buyers of Nintendo NX can expect at least four games to be made available at the launch of the console. Coming to the marketing details, Nintendo NX promotional poster carries a tag “interact with your game on the go”. Many of the promotional poster of NX carries Mario launch title image.

The demo unit of NX is expected to arrive in stores around February 2017. Speaking about features and specs, it has been revealed that Nintendo NX games will be available on cartridges. 4K streaming has been mentioned on most of the promotional material without any clarification.

What we can make out from this is that this 4K figure is not related to gameplay but with playback content such as Netflix and other things. 1080p/60FPS is the figure being marketed by the team with respect to the gameplay.

Other details as received by GamesBulletinUK are as follows:

Nintendo NX packaging is going to be slightly larger than the Wii U’s packaging. It is clean and simple, and color scheme used is white and blue (for Wii U, Nintendo used blue and black color scheme).

The area of packaging which would have usually carried the image of the console has been blurred (obviously a deliberate move from Nintendo to keep the details hidden). The details posted above are all rumors. Nintendo continues to remain silent on every ounce of information related to Nintendo NX. Source:gamepur

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