Surface Pro 5 Latest News, Release Date & Update: Rolling Out At Windows 10 Event In New York?

#SurfacePro5 #Microsoft – Surface Pro 5 Latest News, Release Date & Update: Rolling Out At Windows 10 Event In New York? : Microsoft is expected to launch its Surface Pro 5 soon and the actual date of release may very well be on Oct. 26. If the presumed date is spot on, the latest laplet will likely be unveiled at the Windows 10 event which will take place in New York along with other products such as the Surface desktop.

There is no official word yet on the end of Microsoft if the Surface Pro 5 is indeed on its way though reports seem confident of its release. Seeing that the Oct. 26 event will be filled with ‘Surface’ device revelations, seeing the Surface Pro 5 alongside that niche makes a lot of sense.

Aside from the Surface Pro 5, other devices expected to be out at the Windows 10 event include the Surface 4 and the Surface Book 2, CNet reported. The latter is expected to be Microsoft’s dish against Apple’s popular iMac as the two rivals continue to try and outdo the other with premium computing solutions.

On the other hand, the fate of the Surface Pro 5 could hinge largely on the kind of processor Microsoft has on its end. It is the same question plaguing the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, the issue on the chipset it may carry.

The use of an Intel Kaby Lake processor is the best to expect but it also all depends on whether these were able to arrive on time. This may eventually be the spoiler to a potential Oct. 26 release date for the Surface Pro 5.

The worst case scenario is to see an Intel Skylake processor backing the Surface Pro 5 though even that may come with repercussions. Nevertheless, other features for the device could include a USB-C port, a Surface Pen and something that will be available in two models (2K and 4K), according to reports. Source: gamenguide

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