Windows 10 Redstone 2 Could Launch as Version 1703

#Windows10 #Redstone2Windows 10 Redstone 2 Could Launch as Version 1703 : Microsoft watcher WalkingCat, who has a good track on leaking information about Redmond’s projects, claims that Windows 10 Redstone 2 is very likely to launch as version 1703, and this also provides us with some hints regarding the release date.

Microsoft launched the original Windows 10 operating system in July 2015 as version 1507, and this was followed by the November Update later the same year as version 1511. More recently, company introduced the Anniversary Update as version 1607.

“Windows 10 version numbers”

All these version numbers are direct hints at the release date of each update, as it follows: the first two digits represent the year, whereas the last two show the month – Windows 10 version 1511 hence launched in November 2015, while 1607 (Anniversary Update) debuted in July 2016.

As a result, if Windows 10 Redstone 2 is indeed version 1703, it’s very likely to see daylight in March next year, and this also aligns with previous rumors that the debut could take place in the first quarter of 2017.

Furthermore, Microsoft’s Build developer conference could also take place in March next year, so it all makes sense. Microsoft’s plan is believed to include two major Windows 10 updates next year, and if the first one goes live in March, the other one could launch in the fall.

Work on Windows 10 Redstone 2 has already started, and Microsoft is currently shipping builds as part of this branch to users participating in the Windows Insider program, with the focus now increasing on new features.

Redstone 2 will also be a more significant release for mobile devices, as Microsoft itself promised more cool stuff for Windows 10 Mobile, and the existing builds show the company is indeed spending more time working on its mobile platform. Source: softpedia

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