10 widgets belong on your iPhone’s lock screen

#iOS10 #Widgets10 widgets belong on your iPhone’s lock screen : With iOS 10, Apple redesigned the lock screen and got rid of the slide-to-unlock gesture. Now, instead of unlocking your phone, swiping right takes you to the Today view where you can glance at and interact with widgets.

You can also access these same widgets on an unlocked phone by swiping right on your home screen, but they are most useful for performing quick checks and actions without unlocking your phone.

Along with many of Apple’s stock apps, third-party apps are allowed widgets on the lock screen. Options abound; I tried many. After roughly a month with iOS 10, here are the 10 widgets that currently occupy a spot on my iPhone.

1. Launcher

The Launcher widget provides the quickest way for me to call home, text my wife, FaceTime David Lee Roth and view Instagram. The free version of Launcher lets you program up to seven actions, from launching apps to calling or texting or FaceTiming specific contacts.

2. Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 is a superior calendar to Apple’s stock calendar app, and its widget is superior to the stock calendar app’s widget. The Fantastical 2 widget shows you how many minutes remain until your next calendar appointment, and when you tap to expand the widget, it displays the current month where you can view any day’s appointments. It also integrates reminders from the stock Reminders app if you want to combine your calendaring and tasks.

3. Todoist

I like to keep my calendar and reminders separate. The stock Reminders app has a lock-screen widget, but it shows only reminders set to remind you at a certain time; items without alarms set do not show up. The Todoist widget shows you all of your reminders for the current day. You can mark items as complete and add new tasks with the widget.

4. BeWeather

The stock Weather app’s widget shows the current conditions along with the expected high and low temperatures for the day, while the expanded view shows the hourly forecast for the next few hours. That’s more than the surprisingly lackluster widget for Storm, which had been my go-to weather app. I want more from my weather widget and turned to BeWeather because its widget lets you customize the information it displays, including current conditions, hourly forecast, daily forecast and text forecast.

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