5 critical updates for October Patch Tuesday

#Windows7 #Windows105 critical updates for October Patch Tuesday : October’s change of season brings a fundamental change to how Microsoft presents and delivers updates to Windows 7 and 8.x systems. As of this month, Microsoft will now follow the Windows 10 cumulative update model for all currently supported versions of Windows platforms – including Windows 7 and 8.x systems.

You can read more about this major change to Patch Tuesday on the Microsoft’s TechNet blog found here. This is a big departure from a more granular approach using individual updates and patches. Microsoft will now “roll-up” security, browser and system component (.NET) into aggregate patches.

This month Microsoft has released ten updates with five rated as critical, four rated as important and one update with a lower security rating of moderate. This release cycle includes several “Patch Now” updates for IE, Edge, Adobe Flash Player and a small component of Microsoft Office. All of these patches will require a restart.

As well as producing their usual helpful Patch Tuesday infographic, Shavlik’s blog includes a very insightful interview between Chris Goettl from Shavlik and Phil Richards, the CSO of LANDesk, on the change in Microsoft’s service model.

MS16-118 – Critical

Given all the recent changes by Microsoft in how we will manage patches and updates in the future, we start this October Patch Tuesday with a critical update to Microsoft Internet Explorer with MS16-118.

This update to Microsoft’s now aging browser attempts to resolve 11 security vulnerabilities relating to memory corruption and scripting engine issues which at worst could lead to a remote code execution scenario.

Unfortunately, at least one of these memory related security issues has been exploited and reported back to Microsoft, making this update a “Patch Now” update.

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