Alien Photos 2016: Grey Extraterrestrial Picture Snapped In Devon Park?

#Alien #DevonPark – Alien Photos 2016: Grey Extraterrestrial Picture Snapped In Devon Park? : A ‘real grey alien’ seems to be caught in the camera of a paranormal investigator during a bizarre encounter he had with this alien creature in a Devon park. Want more alien photos?

John Mooner, the paranormal investigator claims to have this encounter in the park in Newton Abbott, Devon on Monday. According to Express Mooner is the owner of the website and he claims that the alien resembled a classic alien grey who seemed to be hostile towards him.

He told the local newspaper Herald Express, “I was doing some paranormal investigation for discovering something out of the ordinary. I could just walk around the woods when I found someone standing in the park. When I came closer, I realized it was not a man. I was shocked when I found that it was a grey alien,” as reported by Express.

“That grey alien was just standing and blocking the way where I was heading,” he said. “I fumbled around to get my camera from the pocket and quickly took a snap of the alien before the batteries fell out. There was no time to pick up the batteries again as the creature appeared nasty and he was now looking right at me”.

He said that he was freaked by the classic looking black eye of the alien and the grey alien started floating in the direction of Mooner. This completely frightened him and he jumped back in fight and quickly turned around and started running like hell. He escaped back through the woods.

Mooner ran for miles before he started coughing up blood unaccountably. The paranormal investigator has already made claims to snap eight UFOs which he found in his hometown. The photograph recorded by Mooner can be the world’s first photograph of extraterrestrial and can give a proof that the grey aliens exist! Source: Morningnewsusa

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