Alien Visitor: UFO spotted in the UK for more than an hour!

#UFO #AlienAlien Visitor: UFO spotted in the UK for more than an hour! : What makes a big difference between real and fake? What about an hour of actually observing it. Every now and then we hear news about actual reports about seeing unidentified objects flying across the sky, more often during night time.

The most recent UFO sighting happened in the United Kingdom this past October 6 above the town of Holmfirth. The sighting happened around 8:50 in the evening. The UFO was first saw by an ex-police man who requested to remain anonymous. The ex-cop then tipped one of U.K.’s leading UFO expert Gary Heseltine.

Heseltine was able to capture on film the hovering object in the sky for a length of 2 minutes due to battery shortage. The footage was taken with a night vision camera that was hooked up to a laptop. The UFO was reported to have been hovering for an hour ending around 9:50.

Around 9:20 , the floating object shift to an original position but slowly returned to its original position. Soon after the shift the object flew away heading to the direction of Manchester.

The ex-cop may have remained in anonymity. But Heseltine vouched for the credibility of the witness saying He did the right thing to call me for documentation of this sighting.

According to iTech Post information about UFO expert Gary Heseltine shows that he use to serve for the British Transport Police until he left it in 2013 to put his focus on his online publication, UFO Truth Magazine.

Heseltine believes that UFO have indeed come and gone in the U.K. for so many years base on his numerous documentation and sightings. He was also recognized for setting up a national police database for UFO reports and sightings in the U.K.

Here is a video of the UFO sighting footage being presented in a conference uploaded on Youtube. Is this enough to make a person believe in extraterrestrial life out in space? Source: musictimes

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