Android Circuit: Note 7 Nightmare Is Official, Apple Overpowers Samsung, Hating The Perfect Pixel

#GalaxyNote7 #GooglePixelAndroid Circuit: Note 7 Nightmare Is Official, Apple Overpowers Samsung, Hating The Perfect Pixel : Taking a look back at seven days of news and headlines across the world of Android, this week’s Android Circuit includes Samsung’s official cancellation of the Galaxy Note 7, how Apple will exploit Samsung’s mistake, why people hate the practically perfect Pixel.

Google Duo taking over from Hangouts, Google’s Android Wear smartwatches leak, Three’s UK exclusive deal with ZTE, and Sony’s promise to bring mobile games to Android during 2017. Android Circuit is here to remind you of a few of the many things that have happened around Android in the last week (and you can find the weekly Apple news digest here).

Samsung Cancels Galaxy Note 7

There’s no doubt what the biggest news in the Android world is this week – Samsung stopping production of the Galaxy Note 7, recalling all the units currently in the market and with consumers, and telling everyone to power their Note 7 down and to not use them. Samsung’s shares are down eight percent, the brand name of Note is likely dead, Galaxy is wounded, and Samsung itself may not escape the tarring and feathering of in the public’s mind. Forbes’ Parmy Olson reports:

Killing the Note 7 means Samsung will lose potential sales of 19 million phones, or nearly $17 billion, which the company was expected to make during the device’s product cycle, according to Credit Suisse analysts cited by Reuters.

Samsung has around $70 billion on its balance sheet, so these are costs that it can absorb. But the bigger problem for the company, which derives around half its profits from its mobile division, will be the impact of the Note 7 crisis on its reputation, and the Galaxy brand.

That’s something Apple will surely be able to capitalize on this holiday season with the recent release of its iPhone 7, as will Google, with the launch of its new Pixel smartphone.

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