Apple iPhone 7 vs DSLR Camera: Ultimate Camera Test (Video)

#iPhone7 #DSLRApple iPhone 7 vs DSLR Camera: Ultimate Camera Test (Video) : Apple iPhone 7 Plus is Apple’s newest release and it comes with a dual-lens camera and a new portrait shooting mode that was discussed a lot at the Apple event in September.

The tech company reported that the new dual camera is the best one the have made so far, one that could compete even with DSLR cameras that are used by pro photographers. Now the big question is that if iPhone 7 Plus’s dual camera could beat the DSLR one in real life tests.

Fstoppers, decided to compare iPhone 7 Plus’s camera with the DSLR one in a test series and the results were absolutely astonishing. The phablet actually had a higher score than the DSLR camera in some tests such as low-light, durability, performance and video quality, but when it comes to image quality in ideal light, the Nikon D300 was by far the winner.

Both devices tied up at camera versatility and speed tests. It is interesting that Fstoppers tried to compare the iPhone 7 Plus who came out recently with a DSLR that came out a few years ago. Despite this fact, both devices have a 12 megapixel sensor. It looks like Apple’s device has a tough time to compete with the newest Nikons in town. Even so, the iPhone 7 Plus’s improvements can not go unnoticed.

Apple iPhone 7 vs DSLR Cameras

As it was expected, the iPhone 7 Plus’s camera is not as good as the DSLR’s one. Surprisingly, iPhone has exceeded the DSLR in some categories, but we have to remember that the DSLR which was used to be compared with the iPhone 7 Plus was 7 years old.

Also, the iPhone is not a camera, but a phone with a lot of features and apps. It is absolutely amazing ho a smartphone can compete with professional cameras such as a DSLR. Would you choose to take photos with the new iPhone 7 Plus or with a DSLR? Let us know in a comment below.

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