Does Apple’s iPad Pro fail the cracked screen test?

#iPadPro #Apple – Does Apple’s iPad Pro fail the cracked screen test? : Apple’s swishest iPad yet – the ultra-slim Pro – is thinner, lighter and has an “amazing screen”, according to reviews. But some buyers are finding that the screens crack too easily and are flabbergasted when Apple demands £556 to repair it.

One customer, Londoner Jonathan Hassid, paid £1,086 for his 12.9 inch iPad Pro, plus £150 for Apple’s own screen protector. But just three months later the iPad developed a crack on its screen, even though, Hassid says, it had never been bashed or dropped. What stunned him was the reaction from Apple.

The businessman, who spends several weeks at a time in Italy, taking his iPad with him, now questions whether the super-thin tablet is robust enough to be carried around and, in the words of the Consumer Rights Act, is “fit for purpose”. He also wants to know how the company can justify such a high repair bill for something he reckons is likely to happen to many other buyers.

Apple launched the Pro just under a year ago, claiming that it offered the thinnest and lightest iPad screen yet. It is now sold in two sizes – one with a 9.7-inch screen and the larger 12.9-inch. It is set to be upgraded in the next few weeks when the Pro 2 is launched.

In May, Hassid chose the then most expensive Pro and paid the Apple website £1,086 for the 256GB version, plus extra for the screen-protecting cover.

He says he used the iPad normally – although he admits he let his children use it to watch films – and says he was bemused to open the cover a few months into his ownership to see a large crack in the screen.

“Obviously, I can’t be certain that we didn’t cause it, but there is no evidence of any other damage. What shocked me was the reaction of the AppleCare person when I called.

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