A billion people have ‘alien blood’, Bible too refers to human-celestials

#Alien #Blood – A billion people have ‘alien blood’, Bible too refers to human-celestials : Blood is thicker than water, but a billion people on earth may not share human blood. They may ‘have alien blood’ according to some Ufologists Rhesus, a protein substance, is located in red blood cells of 85% of Earthlings.

But if people with rhesus negative (RH) blood have the rarest type in the world, then those who have RH negative O blood are especially exclusive. They can become universal donors, but if they need blood, they can take it only from others who also have O negative blood type.

Another interesting point is that people with RH negative blood types do not have the “key evolutionary gene from rhesus monkeys” that humans do. Hence, have humans who do not share the gene with others descended from aliens, not monkeys?

The Truth Theory says: “Looking back about 35,000 years, scientists believe that the blood type is linked to specific tribes and groups. Some common characteristics of people with this blood type include having a higher IQ, having a lower body temperature, having more awareness (physically and emotionally), having red hair, being sensitive to heat, and having blue, green or hazel colored eyes.

“This blood type is shrouded in even more mystery when we look at pregnant women. RH negative women who become pregnant have difficulty delivering a baby with an RH positive blood type, as their bodies naturally attack and try to kill the fetus. Thus, they are given a special sterilization solution.”

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