Can’t Wait to Get MacBook Pro 2016? Here Are 5 Things You Should Know

#MacBookPro #Apple – Can’t Wait to Get MacBook Pro 2016? Here Are 5 Things You Should Know : With the recent speculations, a new MacBook Pro will be unveiled anytime this month. Apple continues to push the limits of its MacBook line by introducing the thinnest and the most iconic super power laptops to date.

Aside from rumors about its specs and updates, here is a much detailed rundown on what you’ll likely expect on the next MacBook Pro.

It Has OLED Touch Bar and Touch Pad ID

Apple is building a completely new laptop with many features including a Touch ID sensor and an OLED mini screen above the keyboard, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said.

One good thing about the OLED display is it offers different function keys depending on what app you are currently using. According to 9to5Mac, 2016 MacBook Pro’s OLED display offers app-specific commands like controls for iTunes, toolbar items for apps like Finder, Logic Pro and bookmarks and navigation controls.

The company will also integrate a Touch ID sensor into the 2016 MacBook Pro. It will let you unlock your laptop without having to type in your password, making it more secure than ever.

It Has the Best Stereo Speakers

The upcoming MacBook will give you an even better audio experience. Just like the 2015 MacBook Pro, the speaker grills will be right above the keyboard. Thus, the laptop sounds will be noticeably louder due to the speaker’s position, pointing directly toward the user.

You Can Easily Charge It Using External Batteries

Unlike other laptops, MacBook Pro 2016 won’t require a power outlet for you to charge it. The laptop runs for 10 hours and it can take advantage of much smaller external battery packs that can be powered through a USB-C connection. Now, you can work for uninterrupted hours without the hassle of having an empty battery. With a USB-C enabled battery pack, the MacBook Pro 2016 will be fully charged anywhere and everywhere you go.

It Will Be Thinner Than Ever

The 2016 MacBook Pro might come with a 5K display that will replace its Thunderbolt display. Reports say that the company will be launching 13-inch and 15-inch notebooks that will be 20 percent thinner than the 2015 model.

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