Our Dream Nintendo NX Launch Game Lineup

#NintendoNX #GamingOur Dream Nintendo NX Launch Game Lineup : So, the NX is being unveiled next week. Maybe. It’s still a rumor, but…we’re pretty confident there will be something related to Nintendo’s upcoming console breaking next week. With the release of the console only a few short months away, we’re long past due to see a reveal, and man would it be nice to finally lay some of these NX rumors to rest.

While we wait to see what Nintendo’s preparing to roll out next, here are some games we’d really love to ship alongside the (possibly) handheld/console hybrid. Visit Chatty and tell us some of the games you’d like as well!


Fast Racing: Neo was a solid game on the Wii U, but being an indie game, it had its limitations. We’re long past due, and to see a new, F-Zero futuristic racing game on the NX would be brilliant.

Advance Wars

Since it may very well have a handheld element to it, we’re hopeful to see a brand new take on Advance Wars make its debut on the new console. It’s one of the most fun and memorable strategy games in our modern era, and an updated version with new ideas, mechanics, and art would be wonderful indeed.

Pokemon Battle Arena (with Amiibo support)

This is a dangerous, albeit potentially  money-printing idea. Make fully supported Amiibo for a set number of the most popular Pokemon, then give them the ability to be imported into a Battle Arena MOBA with the coolest, cutest, and most unique pocket monsters in Pokemon’s extensive roster today. Develop it so it’s friendly for the average player, and this has the potential to be huge.

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